Smoky Eyeliner Confidential Medical Profile

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Are you under the age of 18?

Are you pregnant or nursing?

Have you had any blood thinning agents in the last 7 days?

Have you had any mood altering agents within the last 24 hours?

Do you have a history of herpes, cold sores, or fever blisters?

Do you have a history of skin disorders or remarkable skin sensitivities?

Do you have problems with healing?

Have you had any permanent makeup procedures before?

Have you had any previous problems with tattoos/permanent makeup?

Are you currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation?

Are you currently using Retin A or alpha-hydroxy skin care products?

Have you had a chemical laser peel in the last 30 days?

Do you wear contact lenses or false eyelashes?

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Practitioner makes no attempt, or claim, to practice medicine. Some individuals will have complications related to permanent makeup application. These complications are usually mild and last only a few days. However, extreme complications are always a possibility. By signing this consent you are acknowledging that you are in good health and there are no apparent reasons to restrict you from receiving a tattoo.


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